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Grass seed for shaded lawns, woodlands, Childs play areas, sports fields and landscaping. All your favourite rare and unusual plants to grow from seed, vegetables from Oriental veg to baby vegetables and baby leaf, medicinal and culinary herbs to grow from seed. Retail and wholesale single species of  wildflowers, flower seeds, cut flower, herb and vegetable seed. Grow your own hanging basket plants, tomato hanging baskets, container plants, patio pots, vegetables including chilli peppers, tomato, baby veg and salads easily from seed. Over 900 varieties of vegetables including some of the Worlds Hottest Chilli Peppers Bhut Jolokia, Trinidad Scorpion Butch T, Trinidad 7 pot, Trinidad Morouga, Scotch Bonnets, Habanero. Heirloom tomatoes, baby, plum, trailing and cherry tomato. To help you with sowing there is a flower sowing calendar and a vegetable sowing calendar online @ Nickys Seeds.


Bacopa Topia 
    Hanging Basket and Trailing Container Plants
Sutera cordata.  Bacopa Topia is the worlds first Bacopa propagated from seed in blue white and mixed. They are ideal trailing plants for hanging baskets and patio containers, they produce an abundance of flowers that literally cover the whole plant. Excellent for cascading down containers, flower bags, window boxes and mixed or single species hanging baskets.  Use in hanging baskets, flower bags and containers for a dramatic effect. Pelleted Seeds available from Nickys Seeds.



Abutilon to Ammi Majus
    Amaranthus seed
    Anagallis to Aquilegia
    Antirrhinum seed
    Arabis to Aubrieta
    Bacopa to Basil
    Begonia seeds
    Bellis to Browallia
    Cactus to Cerinthe
    Calendula seeds
    Campanula seeds
    Canna to Canterbury Bells
    Capsicum Ornamental
    Celosia seeds
    Chamomile to Cyclamen
    Coleus seeds
    Cornflower seeds
    Cosmos seeds
    Cut Flower seed
    Dahlia seeds
    Datura to Delphinium
    Dianthus to Dierama
    Digitalis to Doronicum
    Echinacea to Echinops
    Erigeron to Eschscholzia
    Eucalyptus to Evening Primrose
    Feijoa Sellowiana
    Gaillardia to Gaultheria
    Gazania to Gentiana
    Geranium seeds
    Gerbera to Godetia
    Gourds to Gypsophilia
    Grasses Ornamental
    Hanging baskets->
    Helenium to Heliotrope
    Helleborus seeds
    Hesperis to Hibiscus
    Hollyhock to Hypoestes
    Iberis to Impatiens
    Ipomoea to Iresine
    Knautia to Kochia
    Lapageria to Larkspur
    Laurentia to Lavender
    Layia to Linum
    Lobelia seeds
    Lupin to Lythrum
    Maurandya to Mimulus
    Mina lobata to Myosotis
    Nasturtium seeds
    Nemesia to Nierembergia
    Nicotiana seeds
    Nigella to Nolana
    Ornamental Kale & Osteospermum
    Panola to Pansy
    Passion flower to Pyrethrum
    Polyanthus & Primula
    Petunia Wave
    Poppy (Papaver)
    Rhodochiton to Rudbeckia
    Salpiglossis to Schizanthus
    Sedum to Streptocarpus
    Sunflower seed
    Sweet Pea seed
    Sweet William
    Tacca to Tropaeolum
    Verbascum to Verbena
    Veronica to viola
    Amaranth to Aubergine
    Beetroot Seeds
    Broccoli seeds
    Brussels sprout seeds
    Cabbage seeds
    Calabrese to Corn Salad
    Carrot seeds
    Cauliflower seeds
    Chinese Cabbage seeds
    Courgette seeds
    Cress seeds
    Cucumber seeds
    Dill to Fennel seeds
    Green Manure
    Heirloom vegetables
    Italian Range
    Kale vegetable seeds
    Karela to Komatsuna
    Leek seeds
    Lettuce seeds
    Marrow to Micro Mix
    Micro Greens
    Mustard seeds
    Okra seeds
    Onion seeds
    Pak Choi seeds
    Parsley to Pumpkin
    Patio Vegetable seeds
    Perilla seeds
    Radichio to Rhubarb
    Salad Onion
    Salad seeds
    Swede & Sweet Corn
    Sweet Peppers
    Swiss Chard seeds
    Tomatillo to Wonderberry


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